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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Järgin Wimpsi

ja nokin välja oma kaheaastataguse ingliskeelse loomingu

oh we silly poets – shame us
how we want to get so famous
like is Stonebridge – Kivisildnik
soon belongs us every chill chick

I had once felt alone
at any given moment
email me i’m female
I would share your problems

seems we can’t stop
wimps and me
want to be as pop
as can be

i hear a little story of a music
ive always heard strange voices in my head
but never knew how can i better use it
now i have reason to invite you to my bed

I am drifting
through a fifty
through a fifty lakes and seas
if you search me
i forever say you Cheese

if my English not looks like a
how youve heard it everywhere
in my life had always my car
‘bout your any rules don’t care

Estonians are always singles
persons individuals
everyone have your own English
this can be my only chance

interesting that every ex
after we had first time sex
said the same thing: it was nice
but don’t better make it twice

when we make love over Skype
at the same time I smoke pipe
gentle hand of smoke thrills me
feels like really you’re with me

if we come
robbing the bank
stone is my weapon
you driving the tank

in our city
we plan rob all banks
tellers so pretty
to God we say thanx

in my bathroom living sharks
only ask for sex and drugs

when I say no - then arrives
teethhood sharp like thousand knives

then i bring him all he wants
hashish cannabis and cunts

no i can’t get girls at all
‘cause my dick is very small
and my beard is too much long
i look like a... something wrong

only lying on my bed
drinking vodka eating bread
that it what i always said
without you i almost dead

i can’t understand it yet
how i live before we met
small boy without any pet
slave of shiny TV-set

who is drinking here my beer
maybe me but i don’t care
then it’s only waste of time
i feel only taste of lime

i’m finished many schools
but i don’t know any rules
maybe knew but soon forgot
yeah i have done all for that

if I play a little chess
i’ll became to a princess
if i log on to my blog
i’ll became to little frog
if i start to writing tale
i’ll became to nightingale

to the bottle set sunshine
if i drink from there all wine
in the neverending night
i will be your only light

i am very very shy
never i can’t climbing high
if sees me there anyone
absolutely it’s not fun

yesterday - remember
i had try to fuck
with all pretty members
of the Tartu NAK

i am very very cute
it’s a truth
i’m sure its truth
maybe even absolute

i am moving to big city
in surprise can’t shut my mouth
i am here but -what a pity
all my friends has gone – to south

i am moving to the country
where i have that what i need
in the forest grows big fun-tree
satisfaction guaranteed

i dont have
no more words
talk ‘bout love
and it hurts

like in jail
words in my mouth
my sign can’t sail
from north to south

don’t you say
that i’m pervert
when i take away
your shirt

by the way
in our church
all girls throw away
their shirts

oh when next-door
Mary sings
we don't care
'bout 'nother things

only sitting
here and hear
fly is flying
to my ear

every time
i see my fans
i fall deeply
to the trance

if they say
that they love me
i buzz like a
little bee

Belõi Aist
will light my flame
im over-sized
and not feel blame

and everywhere
and every time
im gonna share
with you my lime

juice of Jews
is always clear
that’s my Bush
and that’s my Blair

that’s my Putin
hell-saints all
that’s my new team
of paintball

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  • Väga head luuletused! Ja näiteks see särkideta kiriku luuletus on kohe eriti hea. Järgmisel esinemisel võiks neid ingliskeelseid ka lives proovida. No ja muidugi võib alati kaaluda eraldi raamatu mõtet...

    By Blogger wr, at 12:04 PM  

  • see tundub nagu yx pikk räpilugu
    või siis lühike ainult kiirelt räpitud.
    salmidevaheline seos on ju seegi, et kõik need salmid räägivad ju ühe ja sama inimese ingeelust.
    if you know what i mean, yo

    By Blogger -IX8-, at 1:03 PM  

  • well it sounds truely

    By Blogger konnula contra, at 1:32 PM  

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